Hospice Impacting Our Community

The decision to leave your home and be admitted to a long term palliative care facility is filled with guilt and heartbreak. Even more so knowing you will never come home. In our community we have one bed in the Pavilion available for this vital care.

Darek and I made the decision together and he was moved to the Pavilion on July 19/2015, a day after his 53rd birthday.

From the first day many fears were alleviated as the nurses became attracted to Darek’s ever present light and humor. The volunteers of the New Denver Hospice Society became family very quickly and a lifeline for the boys and I and so much so for Darek. As the family we were enveloped in care and support from the Hospice Volunteers.

It was a pleasure and honor to spent time with each nurse and volunteer during those final few weeks. Julie Fry, Richard James, Colin Moss, Matt Fry, Robin Sherrod, Katrina Sumrall and our guide and guardian angel Leslie Beare , the hours you spent with Darek were what made the transition manageable.

You each touched my soul with your selflessness and kindness. Adryan, Aleks and I thank New Denver Hospice for bringing dignity to the process

Johanna Ratynski
Darek’s wife