Pavilion Garden Gallery

The New Denver Hospice Society has accepted responsibility for the rescue and restoration of the Pavilion Memorial Gardens. Bequest funding for maintenance of the Memorial gardens, handled for many years by the Hospital Auxiliary Society, has expired. These gardens contain many memorials dedicated to residents who have lived in the Pavilion. The gardens provides an outdoor setting with a fabulous view of the lake and mountains that contributes to the well being of current residents and a beautiful space for those all-important visits with family and friends.

New Denver Hospice is committed to preserving the beauty, growth and memories of these gardens. This can only be accomplished through community support.

New Denver Hospice Society would like to thank the following community organizations that have generously donated to the Pavilion Memorial Gardens:

BC Hydro,
New Market Foods,
Valley Voice newspaper
Silverton Building Supplies
The Slocan Lake Hospital Auxiliary
Slocan Lake Hardware
Silverton Transport
Slocan Yard and House Care
Apple Tree Restaurant
Ray Nikkel Designs
SLUGS contributed to the memorial gardens by re-directing funds received from the Slocan Lake Stewardship Society.

We have received grants from:
Slocan Valley Legacy Fund
Columbia Basin Trust

Thank you

Many thanks as well to the individual community members who have made donations and who contributed their time and energy to the maintenance and restoration of our New Denver Pavilion Memorial Gardens.

Would you consider making a financial gift? Your tax-creditable contribution to the Pavilion Memorial Gardens can be made on our Donations page or you can write a cheque payable to New Denver Hospice Society and mail it to Box 217, New Denver, BC V0G 1S0.

New Denver Hospice Society would like to thank BC Hydro, New Denver Hospice Auxiliary and the many members of the community for their generous donations towards the Pavilion Memorial Garden. These funds are a great start to preserving and maintaining the garden for 2014.  Support for the garden is always welcome and you can donate through our donate page. If you would like to contribute your labour to the maintenance or development of the gardens please contact us.

The New Denver Hospice Society is a community based charity dedicated to providing support and compassionate care to terminally ill patients, their family and friends. Our society has supported many residents of the Pavilion and their families in death and grief. The Palliative Care Room in the Pavilion is cared for by the Hospice Society, and we see this garden as a logical extension in providing compassionate care for the disabled, the elderly and the dying.

Status of the Garden

Initially the garden committee identified a couple of things that desperately needed to be done. There are two heritage trees on the property that were in need of pruning; the heritage apple tree and a rare Black Walnut tree. The walnut tree did get pruned in the Fall of 2013 by a local arborist on donated time, giving several Pavilion residents a much improved window view of Slocan Lake.

This past spring the gardens were weeded and some colour added with perennials. Then soaker hoses were laid down as well landscape fabric and mulch. This was to cut down on our reliance on volunteer labour and expense and to keep the gardens looking nice.

Go to the Ilene’s Garden page for a description and photos of the work being done there.