Judith’s Story

My name is Judith Douglas. I was born in 1941 in Manitoba. At the age of 7 I contracted Meningitis. I married young, at 17. Fast forward to 1973 when I was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa. I was told that my eyesight would be good until the age of about 50 but past that age there was no guarantee. When I was 50 I decided to take up the study of Braille 1 and 2. After a couple of years I let it fall away.

When my husband of 60 years died suddenly in July 2019 I could no longer live independently. By this point, due to the childhood Meningitis, I was both legally blind (since 1973) and severely hearing impaired. Thanks both to God and my daughter, Tracey, a place was found for me in the Pavilion here in New Denver. What a wonderful introduction to a small nursing home!

Shortly after I arrived I expressed the wish for walking exercise. I was introduced to the New Denver Hospice Society and met Rosalie. Through Hospice I met Indi and Gabriel who also take me for walks. Here I can participate in a range of activities including Sunday church, a variety of musical and art events, games and quizzes.

I marvel at how well the hospice volunteers and the Pavilion staff work together for the betterment of the physical and mental welfare of the residents. I will be leaving here to relocate to Cranbrook to be nearer to my daughter. I will leave here with good memories. The song “Dear Hearts and Gentle People” fits this place to a nutshell.