Carpenter Creek Last Wishes Society

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The Last Wishes Society is a volunteer community society which provides information about how people can make their own private funeral arrangements. Based in New Denver, it was started to keep care of our deceased within our community, and to minimize funeral costs. They are not affiliated with New Denver Hospice. We provide the information here as a community service. If you wish to find more information about the Carpenter Creek Last Wishes Society please contact one of their directors (list below).

Over the last century, funerals have traditionally been carried out by commercial funeral providers.  British Columbia is the only province where it is legal for people to make their own funeral arrangements.  While the Last Wishes Society cannot legally provide funerals, it is able to supply detailed information about how people can create a private funeral themselves. There are many details to consider, and extensive paper work.  No money may be exchanged, and all the work of the Society is volunteer.

The death of a loved one is extremely stressful.  Last Wishes encourages people to find out what issues may need to be addressed, concerning their own death or that of a family member or friend. Preplanning greatly helps loved ones who will have to decide how to proceed, and reduces some of the uncertainty which may occur at the time.  Ideally, preplanning is done when we are healthy and able to make some decisions ourselves.

In fall 2012, the least expensive commercial funeral package cost around $3800.  This included a coffin, cremation, death certificate and taxes. The minimal cost of a private funeral providing the same items was $1250.   The price of burial in the cemetery in New Denver was slightly lower than cremation.  There can be considerable variation in expenses and these are ball-park figures only.

Members of the Board of the Last Wishes Society are available to help people decide on a private or commercial funeral, and to discuss the details and alternatives.  Go to their website for  contact Information.