General Information about our volunteers

Many on our team say that volunteering with hospice has been one of the most meaningful experiences they have ever had.

Who are the hospice volunteers and what do they do? Volunteers are members of our community who have received training, are supervised by the hospice co-ordinator, and are sensitive to personal, cultural, and religious values, beliefs and practices. There are a variety of roles a volunteer can play within the Hospice Society, some people like to sit with the dying, others prefer supporting people in grief and others like organizing or helping with Hospice functions and fundraising events. You can do all or some;

  • Sit with a person who is in the final stages of dying,

  • Provide respite care, to give at home caregivers a break,

  • Help with practical, day-to-day needs like shopping, appointments and outings,

  • Be a sympathetic listener who can talk about and hear about dying,

  • Normalize the dying process for family caregivers, when needed,

  • Maintain communication with your team,

  • Provide after death information, upon request,

  • Inform family of follow up services after a death,

  • Provide information on community resources that may be helpful,

  • Provide ongoing bereavement support after the death of a loved one,

  • Help with hospice functions and clerical work,

  • Fundraising for the Society.

As a volunteer you are invited into one of the most intimate and significant times of the people with whom we work. Your time spent with people providing respite for the caregiver, being good company, listening and compassionate care and support is the foundation of hospice care.

“Helping is tough work –
It is inevitably stressful and exhausting at times.
Yet when you make a difference,
When you see the real impact of your caring,
Any doubts about the value of your efforts disappear.”

… D.G.Larson
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Volunteers are required to attend a 4 week training program. Volunteers are provided on-going training that supports them in their role and capacities and nurtures their interest in end of life topics. Volunteers meet as a team on a regular basis throughout the year to connect and support each other, review resources, learn and share stories and experiences. The volunteer is provided support throughout the volunteer/client relationship including a debriefing meeting when time with the family is complete. The amount of time volunteers are asked to commit depends on client needs. If a client needs additional support, we will place additional volunteers.

For people who are interested in supporting our organization in other ways, volunteers take part in fund raising activities and special events, helping with office tasks, and serving on the Board of Directors or other working groups.